Thursday, June 22, 2017

Discovering Central Missouri Meat and Sausage on the #FarmFoodTour

Besides getting an education about GMOs on the spring #FarmFoodTour this past April, I also discovered a delicious place not far from my family’s farm in Missouri. Located in the town of Fulton, Central Missouri Meat and Sausage is basically a one-stop location for all your meat needs. And, FYI, they make the best summer sausage I’ve ever tasted!

In their Butcher Shop and Processing Center, they prepare meats from locally-raised stock. On the day I was there, they were packaging bacon they smoked on site.

 I bought a package, and it was wonderful. I used it to make my first BLT of the season!

They were also packaging their bratwurst…

…and cutting up pork steaks.

Next to the butcher shop is their Barnyard Steakhouse and retail store. I enjoyed our lunch very much.

It started with crunchy fried pickles….

…and BBQ pulled pork nachos.

For my lunch, I chose the smoked bratwurst. It was good, but my fellow travelers gave me samples of what they ordered, and I think I liked their picks better!

The sticky burger is the most popular item on the menu. It is a BBQ seasoned and smoked pork patty.  This is the Triple Down Sticky Burger, which is the pork patty topped with pulled pork and bacon. It was yummy! I will order this on my next visit.

The smoked beef brisket sandwich was also tasty, as were all the side dished we ordered.

Before leaving, I explored the retail store and went home with bacon and the house-made summer sausage, which are the fat tubes of deliciousness hanging on the lower part of the rack. I wish I’d bought more than one! I’ve always been a summer sausage fan, but seriously this is the best. It has a little kick to it, but not too much, and the flavor is gorgeous. 

I will make many return trips just to get this tasty treat.

Central Missouri Meat and Sausage and the Barnyard Smokehouse
5009 Pendergras Rd.

Fulton, Missouri