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I have been a freelance writer for almost two decades. (Wow, does that make me feel old!) With more than 2,000 articles in print, my work has appeared on the Food Network's website, and in the Boston Globe, Topeka Capital-Journal, Concord Monitor, Around Concord, Dallas Morning News, CatFancy, New Hampshire Home, Here in Hanover, Best of Burlington, Upper Valley Image, Woodstock Magazine, Better Nutrition, Great Life, Let’s Live, and American Airlines Custom Publishing.

I love to cook! I credit the women from my childhood for introducing me to the kitchen:

  • My mother taught me how to sift ingredients for Tollhouse cookies and acted as my consultant while, at ten years of age, I fixed my first roast beef dinner. Ironically, she hates to cook!
  • Grandma, my paternal grandmother, made homemade noodles that were so coated in flour that the chicken broth they boiled in became thick, rich gravy. Her's was a country kitchen where everything was fried in lard and meals featured massive amounts of food to feed her large family.
  • Mamaw, my maternal grandmother, created delicious meals in a Missouri farmhouse kitchen that was the heart of her home. Like Mom, she hated to cook. I remember sitting on the kitchen counter watching her peel potatoes and waiting for a slice to munch on. I also remember her making fabulous wedding cakes. 
My education in the finer points of good food came from television chefs such as Graham Kerr, Jeff Smith, Jacques P├ępin, and, of course, Julia Child. She taught me to not be afraid of the most complicated dish thanks to her easy-going attitude about food.

Readers have followed my journey to from New Hampshire to Kansas, finding love with The Picky Eater (also known as Michael), our adventures balancing my love of most foods with his love of only a few, his passing in June 2014, and my current life as a food-loving-and-writing widow.


Cookbook publicity, PR, Products: I am happy to look over any book or product. However, any post I write will be my own opinion, and readers, I will let you know if a company or publisher has sent me anything featured in a post.

General questions: You may email me at lindaaditch@gmail.com with any questions. If it’s a recipe question, I suggest you post it in the comment section of that particular recipe since other readers may also be wondering the same thing.

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