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Hello everyone! 

I’m Linda Ditch. 

Welcome to my blog.

I’ve been a freelance writer for more than 20 years. My topics cover primarily food, travel, and life in general. My writing has appeared in some pretty big places (Food Network website, Boston Globe, Dallas Morning News) as well as regional publications and local newspapers. (If you’re curious, check out my professional website here.) But my favorite place to write is here, on this blog.

I first knew I wanted to be a writer when my seventh-grade science teacher got frustrated with me reading books in class instead of paying attention. He challenged me to write a story of my own and bring it to him. I did, and he liked it!

While other life dreams have come and gone—a famous actress and singer among them—being a writer stuck. I love telling stories, both mine and others. I especially love sharing experiences, again both mine and others.

By the way, I still have that seventh-grade short story!

Why “A Sunflower Life”? At first, I picked this name because I live in Kansas. This is the Sunflower State, and I love how the tall, cheery flowers turn their faces to the sunlight. But I also like my blog’s name because, in this one life I’ve been gifted, I choose to always follow the light.

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Product reviews: I am happy to check out your book or product for possible review. All opinions will be what I really think!

Sponsorship: I am happy to consider sponsored posts. Readers, I will always let you know when this happens.

Content: All posts are copyrighted and may not be republished without written permission.

Contact me: lindaaditch@gmail.com

Hey, thanks for reading! If you've enjoyed my posts or tried one of my recipes, you can support my writing efforts by buying me a cup of coffee...or tea...or flavored fizzy water. Your donation will be greatly appreciated, especially now as I deal with a chronic autoimmune disease that flared back up again. If you can't, that's okay, too. Either way, thank you so much for reading my stuff!  Just follow this link: https://www.buymeacoffee.com/ASunflowerLife

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