Tuesday, September 6, 2022

Slow Cooker Coconut-Mango Rice Pudding

This pudding has a delicious tropical flavor combo of coconut, mango, and cardamom, and the slow cooker keeps you from constantly stirring a hot pot on the stove.

Here’s a recipe for those of you who are not ready to let go of summer. Or maybe where you are, summer isn’t prepared to give way to fall, like here in Kansas, where the temperatures are still reaching the 90s. 

The inspiration for this Coconut-Mango Rice Pudding came from one I saw in a Hawaii Magazine email. I loved the tropical flavor combo, but not the idea of standing at the stove stirring a hot pot for 40 minutes. 

Instead, I broke out the slow cooker, and it worked perfectly! 

To serve as a dessert, I topped the pudding with whipped cream. But I also enjoyed it for breakfast with a dollop of plain Greek yogurt. Some chopped macadamia nuts would also taste great sprinkled over the top. 

Enjoy this taste of the islands as you say “Aloha” to summer. Then remember to make it again in the chill of winter to warm your soul when you’re dreaming of tropical breezes and waves sliding over the sand.  

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