Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Kiss on the Lips Cocktail

Are you looking for a special drink to have with your sweetheart on Valentine’s Day this weekend? Or maybe you're tired of the winter weather? I've found the cocktail to solve both problems.

I recently returned from a cruise onboard the Carnival Dream. This is the second year I’ve traveled with this cruise line, and I’m happy to report I the second time was as fun as the first. This year I sailed from New Orleans (a city in full Mardi Gras form) to Key West, Florida, and the Bahamas.

Last year, I enjoyed Carnival’s signature Fun Ship Special Cocktail (and shared the recipe with you here.) This year, it was the first drink I had upon boarding, and it was as good as I remembered. Then I noticed the waitstaff carrying trays of a beautiful orange and red drink. I asked one what it was, and he replied, “A Kiss on the Lips.”

That caught my attention! After I tried one, I was hooked. The blend of mango and peach schnapps made a delicious tropical combination. The Dream’s beverage manager, Clifton Morrison, made sure I got the recipe and said I could share it with you. 

This is a drink I plan to enjoy often.

Kiss on the Lips Cocktail
Serves 1
1 1/2 ounce peach schnapps
4 to 6 ounces mango daiquiri/margarita mixer
1 tablespoon grenadine

Pour the peach schnapps, mango mixer, and some ice into a blender. Puree until smooth and slushy. Pour the grenadine into the bottom of a cocktail glass. Pour in the mango mixture. Serve with a slice or orange, a cherry, and an umbrella.

Disclaimer: While the crew and employees of Carnival Cruise Lines and the Dream were very hospitable and accommodating during my time on board, I paid for the trip myself. I’m not being paid by Carnival to make this or any upcoming posts with recipes from the cruise. All of the opinions and experiences are my own.

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  1. Hi Linda:)

    I'm delighted to hear you went on a cruise again. That's wonderful!!!

    Very cool drink you managed to snag too. I adore peach schnapps!!!

    Thanks for sharing, Linda...