Friday, December 7, 2012

Christmas Cookie Exchange for Friday Cookie Jar

I love the idea of a Christmas cookie exchange.

If you’re not familiar with the concept, it's where a group of friends gets together, each guest bringing one type of cookie. Then everyone swaps cookies so you leave with an assortment of cookies for the holidays. This makes holiday baking easy since you only have to make a lot of one type of cookie.
Traditionally each person brings a dozen of their cookies for each guest, so if there were eight people at the party, you make eight dozen cookies. Then everyone leaves with eight dozen different styles of cookies. The extra dozen (since you don’t keep a dozen of your own cookies) are for everyone to enjoy that evening. Often the extras are given to a charitable group, such as the local police or fire department, nurses at the local hospital, the local shelter, a food pantry, or a hospice/nursing home.

Unfortunately I didn’t have time this year to plan an exchange with my friends and family, so I thought I’d have a virtual exchange with all of you!

All year I have made cookies to share with you on this blog, each time thinking, “These would be great for Christmas.” So here are the ones I’ll be making this holiday season:

Citrus Butter Cookies (Okay, yes, this is a recipe from 2011, but perfect for Christmas!)

Cherry Nut Cookies (From Mamaw’s Recipe Box.)



Plus, I’ll also be making:

Simply Crackers Candy (What’s Christmas without candy!)

Honey Spice Loaf (another 2011 recipe that I’ve wanted to make for the holidays.)

If you give any of these recipes a try, be sure to share your results! And I’d love to hear what cookies you are making this year! Please share!





  1. Just made my first batch of Christmas cookies ... I have been looking for small batch recipes so that we can have a variety over the coarse of the holiday season. Love the look of those crackled chocolate numbers!

  2. Cute idea Linda - I'd be thrilled to get to taste all these gorgeous Christmassy treats!

  3. These look like some holiday favorites, I've had a couple, but not that citrus, will have to change that. I have an exchange next week and can't wait. I look forward to it every year. Hopefully next year you'll be able to. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  4. I will certainly be trying some of these, what a fab idea to collate your recipes this way. I'm really tempted by pretty much every single one, but i love the look of those candy cane ones in the first picture! Cute!

  5. Simply lovely cookies, Linda!! Perfect for the holiday season!

  6. All of these cookies sound so delicious!