Friday, January 13, 2012

Cranberry Orange Walnut Bread

This year, it's hard to say goodbye to Christmas. Yes, the decorations are all packed away. I’m no longer listening to seasonal music or watching those heart-warming movies that often bring a tear and a smile. But in my heart, I just can’t let go.

So I made Cranberry Orange Walnut bread. I’ve made it every Christmas for—well, so many years I can’t remember how many. I got the recipe from a Woman’s Day magazine I saw in a doctor’s waiting room and quickly copied it since I don’t like to rip things out of other people’s magazines. The recipe is actually called Cranberry Cake Wreath, and the photo showed this yummy treat made in a bundt pan and decorated with an icing glaze to look like a snowy Christmas wreath.

However, the texture and taste of this “cake” are more like a quick bread or muffin. Instead of icing the top, I just cover it in a snowy shower of confectioner’s sugar. It is my favorite breakfast treat—toasted with a smear of butter. Yum.

Maybe Christmas doesn’t have to end yet after all. Now, where are my Mannheim Steamroller CDs…?


  1. My Christmas tree is still up ... just can't say goodbye to the season quite yet ... maybe next weekend ... beautiful bread! I love that you made it in the bundt form! I'm always boring and just pop the batter in loaf pans

  2. Thanks for following me on Twitter! The bread/cake looks terrific and I have cranberries frozen in the freezer. (My cookies are still on the back porch/deep freeze in St. Paul.) I, too, love cranberry bread or muffins, which are "just an excuse to eat cake for breakfast," according to a friend. Will be watching for your Donna Hay recipe; I just made and photographed her Ricotta, Chive, and Prosciutto Omelettes in the middle of the day to get the natural light. Great lunch, too! Happy Thursday, Alyce