Monday, April 20, 2020

Steeped is a Handy Way to Satisfies Coffee Cravings

Disclaimer: The nice people at Steeped Coffee sent me free samples to try. However, the opinions expressed here are my own. I will only tell you about the products I use and enjoy!

I hate the Monday afternoon energy slump, but it seems to show up every week. You know the kind, where your brain won’t function and the thought of a stroll in the fresh, spring air requires more energy than you can muster.

My solution was a coffee jolt. However, I didn’t want to brew a partial pot, and anyway, I was craving an iced version. That’s when I remembered the box of Steeped Coffee sent to me quite a while ago. Now seemed like the perfect time to give it a try.

Steeped Coffee is brewed just like a cup of tea. However, unlike some other coffee-in-a-bag brands, this is made with premium beans to give the beverage a coffee-shop flavor. Each Steeped Pack contains hand-roasted, ethically sourced, Direct Trade coffee that’s precision ground to showcase the distinctive flavor profile of every crafted blend. The coffee comes in single-serve bags that are nitro-sealed, which removes oxygen and stops the clock on flavor loss. The packaging made using compostable and renewable materials and non-GMO filters. All it takes to brew a perfect cup is hot water and a few minutes. An added plus, there are no wasteful plastic pods accumulating in waterways or landfills.

I grabbed two bags of the Steeped Coffee Driftwood Blend, which is an extra dark French roast. I poured 16 ounces of hot water over the top and let the bags sit. The instructions say five minutes, but I got busy, so it was more like 15 minutes before I got back to it. I added a little sugar, poured the coffee into a glass filled with ice, and topped it off with a little non-fat milk.

Perfection! The coffee flavor was bold and rich, not harsh or bitter. In fact, it was so smooth I could probably skip the milk next time. And believe me, there will be a next time!

I could see Steeped Coffee bags come in handy on a trip or even when you go to a restaurant that serves sub-par coffee. Just ask for hot water!

To check out all of the Steeped Coffee offerings, pay a visit to 
their website hereFYI: They are offering free shipping on all U.S. orders right now!

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