Monday, September 10, 2012

Juicyburgers: #11 From Mamaw’s Recipe Box

For the past month I’ve enjoyed promoting the importance of #Sunday Supper with a large group of bloggers from around the world. I firmly believe that gathering family and friends around the table for a meal at least once a week can make a huge difference in the relationships of everyone involved…plus a lot of wonderful memories.

I also believe it’s important to gather everyone around the table during the week as well, just as my family did throughout my childhood. However, our busy, busy lives can make sitting down to a weekday supper very difficult. Still, as food writer Robin Mather said in a recent interview, “If you can’t get the kids home so everyone can eat a meal together, then maybe they don’t need those activities. After church, sitting down each night for everyone to eat together should be the priority.”

Here’s a quick and easy weeknight meal from Mamaw’s Recipe Box. Juicyburgers is a recipe she got from my mom in 1969, and I grew up often eating this for supper. In fact, it was one of the first dishes I learned to prepare. Juicyburgers are like Sloppy Joe sandwiches, but with just a little more tang thanks to vinegar and mustard. I loved it as a kid and still enjoy it as an adult. Better still, everyone I’ve ever served this tasty hamburger mixture to enjoyed it as well, including my sweet husband, The Picky Eater!

I bet you have all of the ingredients on hand. I’ve served Juicyburgers on both simple and fancy buns, but I often use bread, just like Mom. Choose whole wheat bread (as I did) and serve it with some fresh veggies or a salad, and you will have a healthy meal for the whole family. (Okay, I added potato chips, too, but what’s a sandwich without chips, right?)


2 pounds hamburger
Onion, to taste (I’ve used minced in the past.)
1 cup ketchup (Or catsup, as Mamaw wrote on her recipe card.)
2 tablespoons yellow mustard
1 tablespoon white vinegar
Salt and pepper, to taste
Bread or buns, for serving

In a skillet, brown the hamburger and onions. Add the remaining ingredients and cook until hot. Spoon onto buns or bread to serve.


  1. Sounds like a winner to me!
    Mary x

  2. Needs fresh tomatoes--HA!!
    Love this old-fashioned sandwich and the idea of Sunday meals. Sometimes I think all the driving we do takes up so much time that there's no one at home with enough time to cook OR EAT! I'm glad to live in the city where I'm on foot most of the time and have time to cook, but I have to admit that because I work as a music director at church, I seldom cook on Sundays. My bad!

  3. I love your Mamaw's posts. Growing up in the middle of Kansas, this could be my family with different faces. Hair and glasses are all the same. :)